Carpet Cleaning

Even when the surface of your carpet looks clean, you'd be surprised at how much dirt is held deep within the carpet pile. If you have children and/or pets, you never know what they may have brought in. Regularly cleaning carpets makes good hygienic sense.

We use the Bissell Pro-heat cleaner to bring your carpets back to life:

  • Built-in heater for maximum cleaning
  • 6 rows of rotating PowerBrushes to loosen and remove deep-down dirt
  • Edgesweep brushes to clean right up to skirting boards and built-in furniture
  • Extra tools to get to those hard-to-reach areas

Prices per carpet clean: 

£28 for living room, dining room or bedroom

£45 for 2 rooms

£60 for 3 rooms

£38 for hall, stairs and landing

£55 for h,s&l + 1 room

£70 for h,s&l + 2 rooms